Expanding Education Opportunities to All

In order to promote access to education and the innovative use of ICT; and in line with its vision and mission, MMUST is widening the gates to learning by launching its ODeL Platform in 2014.

The institution recognises that there are people who may miss out on opportunities to learn due to several reasons; such as distance, inability to obtain time off work from employer, financial challenges, among others. Hence the ODeL Platform offers one a second chance at learning.

ODeL supports a blended mode of teaching and learning, whereby learning is facilitated by more than one mode of delivery, i.e. e-learning, discussion forums, and brief face-to-face interactions. This mode of study requires that the student plan effectively on time management; study methods; revision strategies; participate in online discussions, and to apply what is learnt to real life situations. Hence, effective study is ensured.
Going by its motto, “The University of Choice”, MMUST offers universal and unique programmes to its clients.